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Part 2 of December Sins' Gift of Dron

The InterviewCollapse )

Due to dropouts and dissapearances, this fic will be the last one posted until the next one finds it's way to my e-mail. Again, if any kind watchers or lurkers would like to try their hand at writing a fic so that we can salvage some of this exchange, it would be greatly appreciated.

A Gift of Dron from December_Sins (Part 1)

The recipient of this gift, unfortunately, is one of the members that went AWOL with no notice. Hopefully, though, wecan all enjoy the gift December_Sins wrote.

Title: The Interview
Author: Page of Cups (december_sins)
Rating: R
Gift To: Nazzy
Warning: None
Disclaimer: If I were J.K. Rowling, this request would not have been necessary. As it is such, I am not Ms. Rowling or affiliated with Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros., and whoever else happens to own pieces of the Harry Potter cash cow.
Note: This is by no means my greatest fic, but considering I haven’t really written this pairing in ages this in depth, I think I did all right. Happy Christmas!

The InterviewCollapse )

A Gift_of_Dron to december_sins!

After a bit of confusion, we kick off the Gift_of_Dron Exchange! Every day, we'll post a new gift (while we wait for the last few stragglers to get their submissions in.

Title: That Special Time
Author: redsnake05
Rating: NC-17
Beta: tjwritter
Warnings: None

That Special TimeCollapse )

The Deadline Arrives

Just a reminder, folks, that all submissions are due by midnight EST tonight. Quite a few of you have yet to give in your fics/art. Come on now... remember that it'll make someone quite happy!

If you're in dire need of an extension because of some major tragedy, please contact me so that we can work something out.

Sign ups are over!

Signs-ups for the exchange are over now. There aren't many participants, but it's good for a first run and excellent considering the not-so-large following this gorgeous ship has. Thank you to all those that did sign up and you shall receive your assignments within the next few weeks.
Just a reminder that sign ups for the exchange end on the 17th. We've got five people so far; I know we can get a few more.

Don't leave it till later, you big second-rater!
You can be as detailed as you'd like, but remember to leave room for artistic liberties.

This'll be one dilly of an exchange...

Eleven members and 25 watchers... so assuming watchers will be participating, that'll be twenty-five gifts of Dron! Mmmh... gotta love that.

I figure it's time for some rules. I sort of assume everyone's done gift exchanges before, but I should post these up anyway.

1- This community is focused mainly on the Ron/Draco (Or Draco/Ron) ship. You'll be giving and getting gifts centered around this pairing. Side pairs are fine, but remember who the stars are.
2- In order to recieve a gift, you've got to give one.
3- Please for the love of Dron, if you're going to drop out, notify me by December first so I can at least try to find a replacement.
4- Fiction must be, at minimum, 1,000 words. Unless, of course, your giftee says ze'll be happy with one hundred Dron Drabbles...
5- Submit all works of art and fiction to harpsifizz@gmail.com. I'll host your art for you. Remember to only submit completed works.

And that's about all I can think of...

Wingin' it!

Welcome, shippers, to the first Draco/Ron holiday fic and art exchange. Since this is our first year (and my first time hosting one of these), we'll keep it strictly to Ron/Draco. Later on, though, I hope we can extend this to our brothers (Draco/Harry, Ron/Harry and the elusive Harry/Ron/Draco).

For now, though, I guess we should start with one of these:

August 30th sign up begins
September 17th: end of sign up
September 30th: assignments mailed out
December 16th: all fiction and art due by email
December 20th: posting starts

As uaual, any suggestions you have to make this better will be quite appreciated.